The Guild indoor venue boasts a capacity of 250 (seated) to over 500 (standing). The outdoor garden area holds up to XXX people seated and as many as XXX when standing.


Rental of the event venue also includes usage of the garden space, accessible parking, a prep kitchen, tables, chairs and linens, as well as usage of the built-in bar and glassware.


We're located in the central Creative Crossroads district, only 2 blocks from Grinders and Kansas City Star and 3 blocks from Sprint Center and P&L district. Convenient private parking is available.


Catering & kitchen

We provide a prep kitchen for caterers to use. Caters must be sourced from the approved catering list, and we require that catering staff remain on-site until end of event. No self-catering is allowed.

tables & chairs

The Guild provides:
30 60” round tables (seat 8-10)
2 4x11’ wood buffet tables
6 6’ folding tables
275 black chairs
and linens in black, white and ivory.


The guild provides one security guard for all weddings and events starting after 6PM.



The Guild was created with the intention of channeling the energy of like-minded creatives and encouraging partnerships across artisan trades. Much like the guilds of past eras, the space was designed to be a hub of creativity and a place for local artists, musicians and builders to gather — for work and for play. The Guild resides in the understated yet eclectic Creative Crossroads district, an area that is home to artists of all types. Dozens of galleries, studios, restaurants and bars contribute to a bohemian, fun and inspired neighborhood energy.

The event venue is next door to a cross-disciplinary creative studio, which is home to directors/photographers The Wade Brothers and digital artist Judy Rush. The RW2 Productions & Realfake space features private offices and large shooting areas. The studio is fully functional during business hours, yet often doubles as additional space for event staging, production support, green rooms or private receptions.

Beverage packages

All beverage packages are subject to Missouri state sales tax.

Hosted beer & wine bar

• Includes selection of Boulevard & domestic beer, red and white house wine
• $20 per person

Hosted mid-level bar

• Includes selection of mid-level liquor, mixers, Boulevard & domestic beer, red and white house wine
• $25 per person

Hosted premium bar

• Includes selection of premium liquor, mixers, Boulevard & domestic beer, red and white house wine
• $30 per person

Cash bar

• Includes mid-level or premium liquors, Boulevard and domestic beer, and red and white house wine
• Price per person not applicable .

Bartenders & gratuity

The Guild provides trained, licensed bartenders; we determine the amount of bartenders required for adequate service based on size of your event. Alcohol from outside sources may not be brought in to the venue. Bartenders are included based on guest count & bar package. We offer two options to handle gratuity: if you allow tip jars to be out that evening, you do not owe a fee. If you choose not to allow tip jars, we charge a 5% fee based on your bar package total.

Package details

Beverage packages are priced per person (for every guest over 21 years of age), and include call or premium liquors, house wine, boulevard beer, domestic beer, assorted sodas, water & juice. All bar packages include 5 hours of service, bar stations, glassware, napkins, ice, mixers and other necessary bar items. Packages do not include a champagne toast, specialty cocktails, tea or coffee service.


This Q&A section is intended to act as a catch-all for common questions pertaining to The Guild. If you can't find an answer to your question in the following drop-down menus, please contact us and we'd be glad to assist you.

Appointments and tours

Do I need an appointment to tour the venue?
We ask that you contact our manager to set up a time to view the space in order to ensure that the space is available for visitors. You can schedule a tour by emailing or calling 816-471-8550.


How many guests can you accommodate at The Guild?
We can comfortably seat up to 250 guests in our indoor venue. For weddings, with the head table on the dance floor (wheeled out after dinner), we can seat a few more. Typically we do not recommend having more than 270 guests for a seated event, but more casual events allow us to accommodate more guests. The total guest count we can hold is dependent on if you use the Guild Garden space, if you have a band, photo-booth, etc. Please ask The Guild manager if your event would work in the space!

Event timing (including set-up and load out)

When does my set up time begin?
Set up begins at The Guild at 2PM on the day of your event. You may add up to two hours of set-up time immediately preceding 2PM at a rate of $300/hr on Saturdays and Sundays (additional set up time is not available on Fridays, meaning access on Fridays always begins at 2PM). The earliest time to start set-up is noon. The Guild venue features a bridal party room as well; you have access to that room as soon as your scheduled set-up time begins.

How does event time work?
You automatically rent the venue for 5 hours of event time when you host an event or wedding reception, and 6 hours of total event time if you host a ceremony + reception in our space (ceremony fee of $500 applies). If you’d like to extend your rental time, you may rent the space for additional hours at a flat rate of $350/hr. Your event time may begin whenever you’d like, but we ask that the event ends no later than 1:00AM. During your event time, you have access to both The Guild indoor space and outdoor Guild Garden area.

What about load out?
We allow up to 1 hour for load out. The Guild staff will be on-site moving furniture and cleaning, so you will only be responsible for taking out any items that you bring in (this includes rentals, gifts, florals, signage, etc). We do not ask you to clean or move any furniture.


What is the alcohol policy?
The Guild has a liquor license and all alcohol must be purchased through and served by The Guild. You may not bring in your own event alcohol. We have a cash bar option as well as three bar packages to choose from:

Beer & Wine: $20 per drinker
Beer, Wine and Mid-Level Liquor: $25 per drinker
Beer, Wine and Premium Top Shelf Liquors: $30 per drinker

Keep in mind that we charge the bar package based on your drinker total; non-drinkers and anyone under the age of 21 are not included in your bar package fee. The bar package includes glassware, ice, mixers, fruit, straws and napkins. For larger events, we also have a portable bar that we can set up at no extra fee. We’ve got your bar needs covered!

Do you offer champagne toasts or specialty cocktails?
Yes, these are available! Champagne toasts are $2 per drinker; specialty cocktails range in price, which is mainly dependent upon which bar package you choose and what mixers/ingredients are needed. These must be planned with The Guild Manager at least two weeks prior to your event.

How are bartenders and gratuity handled?
The Guild includes bartenders in your base rental fee. The Guild manager will determine how many bartenders/bar backs are needed for your event based on timeline and bar package that you choose. There are two options for gratuity: if you allow tip jars to be out that evening, then you do not owe a fee. If you choose not to allow tip jars, we charge a 5% fee based on your bar package total.


What furniture/items are included with the rental fee?
We have 275 black folding chairs on site, 30 60” round tables, and 6 6’ tables which we provide coverings for (in black, white or ivory floor-length linens). We also have 2 4x11’ farmhouse tables on wheels that you are welcome to use for your head table, catering, dessert, etc. If you’d like to add cocktail tables, we charge $10.50 per table (linen included). We will handle rental and logistics of these tables. We do not have china, flatware or linen napkins on site; those items are typically handled through your caterer.

Who sets up and breaks down the furniture?
The Guild Staff will set up all tables, chairs and linens for you. The layout will already be set up for you when access time begins. The Guild Staff will also tear down tables, chairs and linens. You or your planner/florist/caterer/etc. are responsible for set-up and break down of any décor, china, flatware, and florals.

Catering & overnight storage

What is the catering policy?
We do not have in-house catering; therefore, we allow you to use one of the fantastic caterers on our preferred vendor list. We love and trust these caterers and they work well in our space. Full service catering is required, meaning we do not allow drop-off or self-catering. If you choose a caterer who is not listed, a $400 outside catering fee applies. This outside caterer must be a licensed and insured catering company. They also need to schedule a walk-through with The Guild Manager at least two weeks prior to your event.

Can my florist leave vases or decor? Caterer leave rentals?
Everything must be out at the end of the night unless other arrangements have been made with The Guild Manager. Due to our high volume of events, we typically cannot store or keep things overnight.

Wedding planning & rehearsals

Do you offer wedding planning services?
We do not have in-house wedding planning services. We highly recommend that you hire a wedding planner for your big day. At minimum, a day-of coordinator is highly suggested! We have a list of wedding planners that we love — please see our preferred vendor list. It is very helpful to have someone who is in charge of the ceremony processional, cocktail hour, timeline, etc., so that your day can be totally stress free.

The Guild provides an on-site venue manager the day of your event. This person is responsible for anything venue related: letting vendors in, stocking bathrooms, managing the bar and closing at the end of the evening.

How do you handle ceremony rehearsals?
Due to the high volume of events here at The Guild, we do our best to accommodate rehearsals when possible. Most weddings on Friday can rehearse on Thursday (depending on the event calendar) and weddings on Saturday or Sunday can rehearse earlier in the day, the day before, or the day of their event. Some couple choose to rehearse elsewhere. We do not charge a fee for rehearsals but time for use of the garden space must be coordinated with The Guild Manager.

Parking & Security

What about parking?
The Guild has a total of 190 parking spots available: the garden lot, north lot and the lot across Locust Street.

What about security?
The Guild provides an off-duty Kansas City Police Officer for your event. Security will monitor the three parking lots, make sure the event is running smoothly and also make sure your guests are out at the end of the night. This service is provided free-of-charge.


How do I book The Guild?
We ask for half down of the base rental (depends on the day of the week). No other payments are due until the month of the wedding/event.

Do you have holiday fees/pricing?
This depends on the holiday. Please ask The Guild manager if you are inquiring about an event on a holiday day/weekend.

Misc. (AV, Décor)

Do you have AV on-site?
We do not offer AV on-site; that is typically something your DJ or band would provide. Our garden does have an outlet for AV equipment if you choose to host your event outside. The DJ/band typically would provide a remote speaker/mic for outdoor use, but please be sure to ask them what equipment they have available.

What is the décor policy?
We do not allow loose glitter or confetti indoors or in the Guild Garden. We do allow real candles but they must be contained, as no open flames are allowed. Any décor you bring in must be out the same night.


(816) 471-8550

1621 Locust St.
Kansas City, MO 64108


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